Forward By Faith

First and foremost, thank you all for adjusting, being so responsive to change, for your valuable feedback, and for continuing with flexibility. Special mention must be made of the Shiloh community: parents, students, and partners for supporting us faithfully in our efforts to keep classes going.

Thank you for your consistent prayers and your giving!

Helping To Keep You Safe

Prior to attending Shiloh Christian Institute, the screening questions listed below must be answered and submitted. For parents, this process provides an added layer of protection for students and speeds up the process of dropping your child off for classes each morning.

Once you’ve completed the questions and submitted the form, you will see a green checkmark on the following page. Please show this green checkmark to the Shiloh team member managing drop-offs each morning. 

No Physical Contact

Hand Sanitizer

Social Distancing

Self-Assessment Form

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