PTA Meetings

Shiloh embraces the belief that it “takes a village to raise a child!” With this understanding every parent is automatically considered a member of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Grandparents, uncles, and aunts also can be involved. Shiloh holds their meetings every other month during the school year. These meetings allow the parents to discuss and make suggestions on how to improve our school. All suggestions are welcomed. We are blessed to have parents who believe in Shiloh and help us uphold our standards. This partnership between Parents and School Faculty, help our students to be very successful.

Family Fridays

Shiloh Fosters healthy family relationships by hosting a weekly event called Family Friday. Every Friday is set aside for parents to join their children for lunch at the school. A hot lunch is available for purchase. All proceeds go towards our building fund. Parents can enjoy students’ presentations through, Musicals, Poetry, and Drama. The students enjoy performing and the parents are thoroughly entertained! These opportunities are great for student development.

Private Tutoring

Shiloh offers tutoring services for students in English, Math, and French. Please contact the office for an appointment and the enrollment schedule.

Before & After School Care

BEFORE CARE is available from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00p.m at $5.00 per hour. AFTER CARE is available from 4:00p.m to 6:00p.m at 5.00 per hour

Summer Program

Shiloh also has a summer program for Pre-school children and students from JK to High school.

Now Accepting Registrations!

We are currently accepting local and international students.

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